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Over the years, Trillium has developed expertise with a variety of products from the industry’s best manufacturers.  Click on the images below to learn more about some of our favourites…

Salto Integrated Locksets

Trillium carries a complete range of integrated card reader locksets from Salto Systems. Electronic card access offers several advantages over traditional key systems, and Salto

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Sargent IN120 Wi-Fi Locksets

Sargent IN120 Wi-Fi locksets combine minimalist design with cutting-edge technology.   They leverage a building’s existing IT and Wi-Fi infrastructure to significantly reduce installation costs compared

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Total Door Systems

Total Door Systems’ unique approach to cross-corridor openings combines concealed design elements with top level security and safety features. The result is a long lasting,

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Traka Key Cabinets

Secure and track your facility’s keys with a Traka key cabinet. Traka’s intelligent key systems ensure your sensitive keys are only accessed by authorized users. 

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