Electronic Security and Access Control are changing every day.
New technologies are being introduced so quickly that it’s hard to know which options are best for your properties or projects.

Trillium Integration can help.

Modern Access Control and Security Systems require coordination of multiple trades, from hardware and electrical to security and IT. Trillium Integration helps Architects, Contractors and Building Owners design and install these complex systems, ensuring all trades understand what’s required for a functional, effective security package.

Working Together

Let’s work together to identify your needs, then find the right solutions for your space, your clients and your users.

A Solid Plan

With a solid plan and the right support, you can balance security with accessibility and more easily manage all the trades involved in making the system work. We’ll show you how.

See What We Can Do

Have a look around the site to see what we can do for you. And when you’re ready, contact us with your questions.

Integration by Design

Electronic security and access control products are more powerful and sophisticated than ever before. They’re also a lot more complicated.

We’ve all seen situations where fancy new technology looked great on paper, but didn’t live up to expectations. Times when trades weren’t clear on their responsibilities or scope. Times when the wires got crossed (figuratively or literally).

Our mission is to make Security and Access Control easy. Because new technologies really have a lot to offer, if they’re done right.

Trillium Integration takes the guesswork out of designing, coordinating and installing Access Control and Electronic Security systems. Tell us your requirements, and we’ll design a system that suits your needs.

We’ll even help you close the gap between electrical, security and hardware providers to ensure all the components of your security package work together, the way they were designed to.

We offer a full range of Total Opening® products and design services for new buildings and retrofits, including:

  • Video Surveillance
  • Card Reader and Access Control Systems
  • Asset Management Systems, Lockers and Electronic Key Cabinets
  • Automatic Door Operators and Barrier Free Washroom Components
  • Low Voltage Wiring and Electronic Hardware Terminations
  • Duress Alarms and Nurse Calls

If you have questions about how to secure your facility or protect your assets, contact us to get started.


Card Readers

  • Still struggling to manage dozens photo ID badges or payment systems? Installing a card access system is a great solution for almost any facility. Cards are easy to program, issue or cancel, and they can double as photo ID badges or payment systems. These systems also offer auditing features that mechanical keys simply can’t match.

Integrated Locksets

  • Integrated locksets have card reader technology, monitoring capability and sensors built right into the lockset. They have a clean look that’s a great alternative to wall-mounted readers. You can cut back on wiring costs with features like battery power, WiFi connectivity and Bluetooth communication, which can significantly expand your access control at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions.

Electronic Hardware

  • Need a door to unlock automatically at a particular time of day? We can help. Have a fire-rated pair of double egress doors with an auto operator, card readers, exit devices, wave sensors, door contacts and request to exit? We can help with that too.
  • Electronic hardware can get complicated quickly. You need to know which trade is powering, wiring, terminating and monitoring each item. Trillium Integration will ensure all the components working together so your access control, life safety and accessibility needs are taken care of.

Automatic Door Operators

  • Help get people in the door. ADOs give people with disabilities, the elderly or just people with their hands full an easy way to access your space. We’ll help you choose the right models for your doors and specify all the other components you need, like push buttons and bollards.

Barrier Free and Universal washrooms

  • Accessible Washrooms are required by code in most buildings. They’ve got a lot of components that need to be coordinated, like occupancy indicators, locking buttons, electric strikes and Request for Assistance buttons.
  • When you plan your project or renovation, we’ll get you on track with functional, accessible and code-compliant washrooms.
  • Keep an eye on what’s happening. Cameras help deter theft, vandalism and other questionable behavior, and they’re incredibly helpful if things go wrong. If you need something discrete, we’ve got that covered too.
  • You can have cameras for almost any application – interior, exterior, vandal-resistant, night vision, motion activated – all with stunning resolution. And Trillium Integration will work with you on product selection, layouts and recording infrastructure.
  • How can you keep track of sensitive assets, like master keys, tablets and laptop or firearms? Electronic lockers and cabinets are the answer you’re looking for.
  • Determine which users have access to certain items. If something is missing, see who checked it out and when.
  • Cabinets and Lockers can be programmed with digital PIN codes, fingerprint scanners and card readers to integrate with your existing Access Control systems and credentials.
  • Security turnstiles control pedestrian access in places where doors don’t work. Use them to restrict access or track how many people have accessed an area.
  • Follow-through detectors sense when someone tries to sneak in behind another person. Mount them around turnstiles or doors to cut back on the old ‘unsolicited 2-for-1 deal’.

Plan Ahead

Getting ready for a new build or reno can be daunting. You need to make countless decisions, all while keeping an eye on your budget.

It pays to approach Security, Access Control and Electronic Hardware with a solid plan. One that addresses life-safety and accessibility, and clearly identifies who is supplying, installing and providing power to each device.

If you don’t know who is running the low voltage wiring, making terminations, programming and testing, you can expect some headaches.

Tying all the necessary information and elements together into a clear plan is what we do. When everyone knows their role and sees how things should work, you’ll end up with the system you asked for – not playing referee while people point fingers.

Our Services:

We’ll start with a full consultation. Tell us about your space, your needs and your expectations and we’ll recommend products and technologies that hit the mark. Learn more about the products we offer here.

After your initial consultation, we’ll develop your Electrical Elevation package. It shows wiring requirements and layouts for each device and describes how the components work together. It also includes a Scope Matrix, which defines each trade’s role in making the system work.

The package is like a road map for contractors, electricians, security providers, hardware suppliers and installers.

Our team can supply and install any of the products we specify. We’ll even provide wiring and terminate the connections. You’re even covered when it comes to setting up software and credentials.

You’ll have our team of technicians and project managers on your side, making sure items are available, installed and wired up when you need them online.

What good is an access control system if you don’t know how to use it? We’ll train you how to use the system we provide so you’ll be managing credentials and pulling audit trails like a pro.

Trillium works with the industry’s most innovative manufacturers to provide the best door, hardware and security solutions available. Learn more about what we offer on our Featured Products page.

Since opening in 1991, Trillium has completed thousands of projects in Toronto and beyond. See descriptions and photos of our past work in our Featured Projects gallery.

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