Pre-Installed Hardware & Pre-Painted Doors

Pre-Installed Door Hardware

is a great time saver and space saver on cramped job sites.

Trillium offers pre-installation and pre-finishing of wood doors and hollow metal doors

Doors arrive on site painted and ready to hang, with all the necessary hardware installed.  Protective layers of paper and shrink wrap keep the door safe from scratches and damage.

Why Choose Pre-Installed Hardware?

Save Space

When hardware is installed off site, installers need less space for storage of doors and hardware.  No more skids of doors taking up floor space! The size of hardware storage rooms can be greatly reduced.


A major advantage to ther pre-intstallation of hardware is the pre-painting component.  Doors are primed, painted and allowed to cure in a controlled environment, which improves quality control of the finish. This is also more efficient than traditional installation, where installers hang the doors, the painter follows, then the installers return to finish hardware.

Fewer Deficiencies

Pre-installation occurs in a factory setting, which removes site variables and gives Trillium and our installers more control. 

Programming of electronic devices, testing and commissioning can all be performed prior to delivery. Any required modifications to the doors or hardware are easier to accommodate.

The process also allows doors to be hung later in the project schedule, meaning they aren’t in the way of other trades who have to move through openings.  The doors are protected with a layer of paper and shrink wrap, which protects the final finish from surface damage.

Once the protection is removed, a final inspection ensures doors operate correctly and are free of deficiencies.

Can all Hardware be Pre-Installed?

Some hardware items get installed after the doors are hung, particularly those that connect to both the door and the frame, like closers and automatic operators. Key cylinders are typically installed closer to final occupancy as well.

Success Stories

Check out these projects that took advantage of our pre-painting and pre-installation packages.

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