Return, Credit and Cancellation Policy

UPDATED – 2023-08-15

Cancellation of Material

Material may be cancelled and deleted from an order at any time prior to approval of associated Trillium shop drawings or authorization to order.

Once approval or authorization has been received, material cannot be cancelled, deleted or credited. 

Material that is no longer required on a project will be designated as Spare Material. Trillium will redeploy Spare Material during the project wherever possible (ex. if similar items are added on future changes).

Items that cannot be redeployed will be shipped to the customer at the completion of the project.  

Returns and Credits

Trillium does not accept returns or issue credits for material that has been approved. This applies to all products, including standard, special order and custom material. 

Material shipped or returned to Trillium without authorization will be disposed of.

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