Nova Centre

IBI Group Architects

General Contractor:
EllisDon Construction/Quadram Construction

1672 Argyle St, Halifax

The Nova Centre in Halifax is a massive, mixed-use development that includes a convention centre, boutique hotel and office tower, all just steps from the ocean.

With over 900 openings, this is one of Trillium’s largest project in eastern Canada. 

After working with IBI Group on the door and hardware specifications, we partnered with EllisDon/Quadram Construction and local trades to provide Total Opening Solutions®, including supply and installation of hollow metal doors and frames, wood doors, hardware, security devices and automatic door operators.

More than half the openings on this project have electrified components.  Trillium provided low-voltage wiring, terminated connections and performed commissioning for electronic hardware.

To facilitate this scope, Trillium made important modifications to our hollow metal frames.  We designed centralized boxes in frame headers, which created a simple location to make wiring connections.  A knock out was made in the underside of the header for access.  We also pre-installed non-metallic tubing between the header boxes and electrical hardware back boxes on the hinge or strike side of the frames.  These modifications greatly simplified coordination of trades (electrical, security and hardware installers) and made it easy to manage low-voltage wiring, even on mortar-filled frames.

Security coordination was further simplified with Trillium’s engineered integration boxes with terminal strips.  The boxes provided a simple, centralized location for termination of all door- and frame-mounted security devices and connection to the security and fire monitoring systems.  They also took the stress and finger pointing out of the security commissioning process by making it easy to identify which items were powered and functioning.

The project’s hardware included a high-security key system from Abloy,  stacking sliding doors (five panels at 42-1/2” x 129”), custom door pulls and 95 automatic door operators with touchless wave-sensor actuators.

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