New Quote System Announcement

In response to customer feedback, Trillium Architectural Products has updated its quote system.  The change will take place on April 1, 2019, and affects how we display pricing for change orders only. 

Clients, cost consultants and building owners have asked for more detail and transparency from our quotes, as well as closer alignment of costs for added and deleted material.  Our new system will provide both.

In addition to listing costs for material and installation, our new quotes will identify service charges associated with processing a change.   These charges include fees for consulting, project management and detailing.  We will also provide detailed breakouts for labour, handling and other services.  The impact of these new fees will vary based on the clarity, complexity and scope of a change.

 Separating these service charges will allow us to reduce the difference in price between extra material and credits for deletions. 

We are excited to address our customers’ feedback and will continue to issue fair, competitive pricing for the material we sell and the services we provide.

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