d line Washroom Accessories

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d line washroom accessories, sanitary panels and dryers feature clean lines and functional design.

The brand is known throughout Europe and North America for its iconic yet simple line of high quality stainless steel products. 

The Knud Holscher collection consists of dispensers, dryers and accessories that make a subtle, cohesive statement with gentle curves, while meeting the most hygienic standards. 

d line’s sanitary panel system allows for simple customization.  Components are designed to fit within recessed panels and can be removed, reconfigured or switched out with ease.

All d line washroom accessories are available in a variety of finishes, including stainless steel, black, gun metal, copper and more.  Download the colour guide here.

Trillium is the exclusive distributor of d line washroom products in Canada.

Contact Trillium Wholesale for pricing.

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